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Benefits to Save You $$$

From CTA & NEA, to local company deals & programs, we are invested in saving our members money!

Need free supplies? Check out The Sandbox (See below)

This month's highlight: If a CTA member's primary residence is damaged in event of a natural disaster or they get displaced, you can get money back from CTA. Find our more HERE

City of Monterey
Affordable Home Ownership

The Sandbox

Welcome to The Sandbox! If you have been to RAFT in San Jose, you already know the amazing work of Mary Simon, owner of The Sandbox. Mary was a teacher, but more recently she has been helping teachers get their hands on any supplies and idas they need to create fun and interactive spaces for students. 

Look at the photos and videos below for inspiration & if you want to drop by, or organize a professional development with your staff team, just email her at




MPUSD Teachers

1 year pass


Other Resources...


Get Office 360 on your school computer by clicking here then logging in with your work sign in and password. 

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