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Our Committees

Our union works best when our educators come together and work on topics they are passionate about. Look below at our different committees and pick one to get involved with today. 

Committee meeting frequency varies depending on the committee from once per week to once per month or as needed. Reach out to the chair to learn more!


Organizing Committee

Chair: Jason Ahmadi 

This is the committee that keeps our union strong. From wearing red shirts, to creating teacher surveys and mobilizing our teachers to attend Board Meetings, this committee is at the heart of creating change at the table within our union. 



This committee is in charge of MBTA’s website, social media and assists with all written communication that comes out from the union. This committee will work closely with the Executive Board to discuss and disseminate information.

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CPPD Committee

Chair: Heather Johnson

This is the Curriculum, Policy and Professional Development Committee. We work together to gather input and survey data so that we can have a voice at the table on some of the most important parts of our profession. 

Finance Committee

Chair: Parker Stone

This committee works on all of our budgets: union, district and state. This work is crucial to our success as a team!

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Membership Committee

Chair: Allison Bautista

This committee's job is to increase our membership, to get all of our members information on benefits and to organize events for members.

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